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The theme of this year is “Earthshot” Whole Earth 2021 @Tokyo ~ Half Century Since Whole Earth Catalog: Shaping the Future with Technology ~.

Speakers discussed initiatives to create a sustainable society, such as the balance of energy and technology, environment and economy, digital government, and impact investment, together with researchers and entrepreneurs working to solve social problems. In addition, Stewart Brand joined as a keynote speaker, who is the founder of the legendary book the Whole Earth Catalog, which is the philosophical foundation of the Internet revolution, to discuss how culture and technology impacted the IT Revolution from the viewpoint of methods addressed in this catalog for living in the global environment with limited resources.

Date: August 11, 2021
Location: Shibuya PARCO DG Bldg.

Key Guest Speakers (Titles as of 2021)
Stewart Brand: President, The Long Now Foundation
Kono Taro: Minister in charge of Administration Reform
Hirai Takuya: Minister for Digital Transformation
Koizumi Shinjiro: Minister in charge of Climate Change, Minister of the Environment
Audrey Tang: Digital Minister of Taiwan
Miwa Komatsu: Contemporary artist
Ryan Phelan: Co-founder & Executive Director, Revive & Restore
Jane Metcalfe: Founder and CEO of NEO.LIFE, Cofounder, former president of Wired Ventures, Inc
Kathy Matsui: General Partner, MPower Partners
Jun Murai: Distinguished Professor, Keio University