Open Innovation Platform

SAN Francisco

This year we selected the themes as “Social Impact of Blockchain” and “Collaboration with Microbes” where we curated a group of global speakers in the forefront of each sector and discussed the two technologies from its business, academic and artistic points of view.
To close the two day event, we hosted a fermented food party where guests were able to try the beverages and foods that were introduced earlier in the day.

Date: November 4-5, 2016
Location: DG 717 San Francisco

Key Guest Speakers (Titles as of 2016):
Adam Back: CEO & Co-Founder, Blockstream Corp.
Thaddeus Dryja: Founder & CTO, Lightning Labs
Elizabeth Stark: Co-Founder & CEO, Lightning
Jeremy Rubin: Co-founder of Tidbit, the MIT Bitcoin Project, and the MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Kazuhiro Sakurai: President, and 4th generation brewery owner of Dassai (Asahishuzo brewery)
Patrick Boyle: Head of Design, Ginkgo Bioworks
Mitsuru Izumo: Founder and President of euglena Co., Ltd
Larry Weiss MD: Chief Medical Officer, AOBiome