Digital Garage, Kakaku.com, and Credit Saison establish open innovation-based R&D organization DG Lab. Similar to them, we have many partners working towards the research, development, and application of these ideas.
DG Lab, Digital Garage, Blockchain, VR, AR, Security, Biotech, AI, kakaku.com, Credit Saison, MIT Media Lab
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President and Group CEO, Digital Garage, Inc.
Chairman & Director, Kakaku.com, Inc.

In light of the 2020 Olympics, I find it is important to set up an Open Innovation R&D structure with leading companies from each industry to output new technologies and solutions to a global audience.


Co-Founder, Digital Garage, Inc.
Director, MIT Media Lab

As advancements in technology evolve, the demand for creating an R&D center and responding to changes quickly and efficiently increases. An Open Innovation type R&D center such as DG Lab will prove crucial in innovation.


President, Kakaku.com, Inc.

The rapid evolution in technology has changed consumer lifestyle. In collaboration with DG Lab, we look to develop new features to maximize Kakaku.com and Tabelog, and create new core service from scratch.


President and CEO, Credit Saison Co.,Ltd.

The way we see it, advancement in technology leads to a high potential of changing financial solutions and businesses as a whole. As a core partner in this new initiative, we aim to export these new solutions and ideas.

Sponsorship Partners

We are actively looking for sponsorship partners who are interested in DG Lab’s concept and willingness to carry out joint R&D efforts. Please contact DG Lab Operational Team for more information.

Benefits of Sponsorship Partner (not limited to)
Priority negotiation rights to use research results in own products
Staffing in either Tokyo or San Francisco for DG Lab operated projects
Networking opportunities at *THE NEW CONTEXT CONFERENCE
Networking opportunities at quarterly held network events/ meetings
First hand viewing to research reports and results

*Hosted by Digital Garage and co-founder, Joi Ito, an annual conference that covers seminal themes of the year in the internet industry. Thought leading minds of chosen theme both domestic and international gathers for exchange of opinion, showcase of research, etc.