DG Lab, a R&D center with active branches globally, will continuously aim to create platforms and services for the next generation of business.
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Discovering Technological Foundations to Build New Business Pillars

The Open Innovation platform, made possible by the Internet, has not only encompassed business opportunities in software but to fields such as hardware, biotechnology and other rapidly evolving fields. As forefronts in the wave of technological advancements- Digital Garage, Kakaku.com and Credit Saison has collaborated to found “DG Lab”. Synergistic collaboration with portfolio companies all over the wolrd, allows for DG Lab to create high level products and services; with a focus on 5 core technologies: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI),Virtual Reality(VR)/ Augmented Reality (AR), Security and Biotechnology. DG Lab hopes to create a “Bauhaus* of Technology” in which leading engineers and designers driven by Design x Data x Technology, could actively discuss, debate and create a global platform.

*Bauhaus. Art school in Weimar, Germany founded in 1919 which combined Art and Architecture its curriculum. Throughout the years of operation, gave birth to a new art movement with profound influence from fine arts, architecture, photography and design.


Board Director Digital Garage, Inc. / Head of DG Lab

Since 1994 when Digital Garage created the first homepage in Japan, has embarked in internet related businesses such as “Robot based Search Services”, “Online CD Shop”, “Convenience Store Payment Solutions”. Throughout our many endeavors, we have stuck with our motto “First Penguin Spirit”, to dive into territories with high risk and obstacles and will continue to do so.

As we witnessed the change in lifestyle and business brought by the innovation the internet, it is only a matter of time till innovation will take place on a global scale in new and excited fields. DG Lab, a R&D center with active branches globally, will continuously aim to create platforms and services for the next generation of business.


Developing New Technology Platforms for Wide Range of Social Infrastructures

In collaboration with Blockstream, a prominent Blockchain technology company, currently developing various distributed ledger systems such as, points exchange system, auto-executing smart contracts, local digital currency, and smart assets, with more applications to come.

Interactive Agents to Further Familiarize and Communicate with Humans

Aim to deliver AI services that can naturally integrate in consumer’s day to day lives. Examining opportunities in committing resources to learn consumer behavior to create conversational agents in eCommerce, call centers, etc.

Create User Experiences Seamlessly Connecting the Real with the Virtual World

Remote participation of live events, applications in the study of brain activity in the virtual space, aim to create a platform offering totally new experiences for each user.

Developing Solutions for the Expected Data Increase of the Future

Meeting demands and anticipation of the ever growing data connection and exchange, aims to develop security solutions for a secure, insured internet experience. Currently in the pipelines, security solutions for smartphones used in business operations.

New Business Development Between Digital and Bio

Continuing to work, develop and support new business areas with researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs by incorporating the Open Innovation developmental structure in which the internet was born.

Design × Data × Technology


World renowned creator Rei Inamoto has been named Creative Advisor of DG Lab. Using Design, Data and Technology at its core, towards innovative business ideas and solutions.


A joint venture subsidiary between Digital Garage and Dentsu. Continuing to use data gathered from various group companies, implement its findings to further R&D at DG Lab with mutual support of its Data Science business.


Highly qualified team of researchers and engineers each specifically assigned to one of DG Lab’s 5 core themes. With research branches in Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, Boston gather knowledge and know how globally to output findings and solutions.


Jun Murai

Dean / Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University

Adam Back, PhD

President & Co-Founder, Blockstream Corp.

Greg Pass

Chief Entrepreneurial Officer and Professor of Practice, Cornell Tech
Board Chair, Rhizome Foundation



Founder & CEO, Idein Inc.


Research Affiliate- Director’s Liaison for Financial Cryptography, MIT Media Lab
Co-Founder, BSafe.network


Researcher, Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Computing